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Radio Stack Controller Board (RSC)

Radio Stack Controller Board (RSC)

The Radio Stack Controller is a micro computer board which connects to your PC (running Flight Simulator Software) via USB. The board has 10 connectors which receive the ribbon cables leading to each separate radio stack module. It also has a provision to connect rotary encoders for Altimeter Pressure Adjustment, VOR1, VOR2, ADF, Heading Indicator and Heading Bug. These rotary encoders can be used when you would like to use the Radio Stack together with a TFT screen which displays the gauges. When using TRC / Simkits gauges, you will not use these inputs.

The RSC uses uploadable software via USB (which is an automatic process during start up). New software drivers will become available regularly. At this moment, the RSC Radio Stack follows all functionality of Microsoft Flight Simulator FS2002/2004/FSX, with already some extra additions to the functionality of some modules to come closer to the original. The RSC needs to be connected to a standard PC AT Power Supply, using a standard diskdrive connector which is present on the RSC. When you have already other products from TRC or SimKits and you are using the CCU, you can connect the RSC board to the same power supply as the CCU. The RSC comes with a USB cable to connect to your PC. The ribbon cables (flat cables) and connectors are supplied with each other module.
PCB size: 145 x 145 mm.
The USB connector stands out of the board for 3mm.

The RSC is able to control the following modules:
Audio Panel
GPS (future expansion)
Moving Map (future expansion)

You will need the Mounting Set or the Radio Stack Cabinet in order to mount the radio modules.

This is the new 64 bit version.

Price: 330.00 (330.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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