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Pi-1000 Pro Flight Console Unit with optional Pilot Deck

Pi-1000 Pro Flight Console Unit with optional Pilot Deck

The PI-1000 provides incredible training fidelity for Garmin G1000 users. This FAA-approved AATD uses LCD screens and realistic bezels to provide the best simulated G1000 panels available on the market! A key feature is the ability to perform WAAS approaches, and it simulates the Garmin GFC 700 autopilot. The PI-1000 also includes the required back-up instrumentation for realistic training. The PI-1000 providesa great deal more functionality. Using the Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D visual, you’ll be flying the PI-1000 in one of the most beautiful commericlally licensed software sceneries available. The simulated G1000 software changes reference speeds, engine/propeller instrumentation, and fuel management depending on the aircraft selected.

The PI-1000 is an FAA Approved Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) with a versatile aircraft platform singles and a twin, simple and complex aircraft can all be flown.

Available Aircraft Models ;

* Cessna 172R
* Cessna 172S
* Cessna 182T
* Cessna T182T
* Cessna 206
* Cessna T206
* Diamond DA40
* Diamond DA42
* Beechcraft Baron G58

This proven, high fidelity G1000 simulation software provides about 85% of real G1000 functionality - far and away more than other simulations. Here are some of the features that separate the PI-1000 from its competitors

The PI-1000 Professional can offer the following:
ELITE Pro Panel II Flight Console
G1000 hardware components, MFD, PFD & Standby Instrument Monitor
ELITE Rudder Pedals
Complete ELITE Pilot Deck (Optional)
Sturdy Platform Base (Optional)
Adjustable Seat and Stainless Steel Seat Base (Optional)
Custom Height Flight Simulation Table with Built in Computer Shelf (Optional)
Angled wrap-around style 3-screen monitor mount and stand designed to fit directly onto the custom desk
3 - 32" 1080p LED monitors
Two pre-configured computers to power visual system and G1000 avionics/instructor station
Enhanced Visual System
Instructor station (Optional)
Full Technical support and warranty,

Price: 19,500.00 (19,500.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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