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PS-3TM-350 V3 3DOF Motion System

PS-3TM-350 V3 3DOF Motion System

Full electric small motion system designed for low payloads. It is perfect solution for open cabin small motion simulators.
General Information

New release - updated mechanical design and new motors technology
Platforms are suitable for small size open cabin flight simulators
Vehicle Training Simulators for 1 person
Small Military Training Simulators for 1 person
Small size Mining Equipment Simulators
Entertainment simulators for 1 person

* Price do not include TAX and Transportation costs.
* Final price depends on various factors such as the number of ordered units, additional options.


Architecture: 3 Degrees of Freedom
Actuation: Fully Electric
Payload: 350kg
Power Supply Requirements: 200-250 VAC Single Phase
Power Consumption: 22 Amps
Connection type: USB 2.0, Ethernet
Dimensions: 1317mm x 1149mm
Minimum Height: 534mm (599mm with machine foots)
Independent Heave: 262 mm, 263mm/s, 0.5G
Independent Pitch: ±21,5-24,7°, 60°/s, 250°/s²
Independent Roll: ±19,5°, 50°/s, 250°/s²
Independent Yaw: Not supported
Independent Surge: Not supported
Independent Sway: Not supported

Price: 13,000.00 (13,000.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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