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PS-3TM-1500 3DOF Motion Platform System

PS-3TM-1500 3DOF Motion Platform System

Full electric motion system designed for full flight cabin mounting on upper frame.
General Information

Platforms are suitable for medium size flight simulators
Vehicle Training Simulators for up to 4 people
Medium size Military Training Simulators for up to 4 people
Medium size Mining Equipment Simulators
Entertainment simulators up to 5 people

* Price do not include TAX and Transportation costs.
* Final price depends on various factors such as the number of ordered units, additional options.

Every MotionSystems platform is delivered with a ready to use software package. The software allows to control and diagnose the platform but it also allows to use the platform together with simulation software and games. List of supported applications and games is in most cases the same for all our products and it can be found here. Additionally we provide the SDK that allows to integrate our motion systems with 3rd party software.

The safety of our users is really important to us. Each of our motion platforms has at least two emergency switches that immediately cut the power off or engage emergency brakes on actuators. Additionally there are software solutions that allow to pause (stop at current position) or park (go to lowest position) quickly.

Adaptive acceleration mode selection

Most frequency inverters and other drivers allow to set accelerations and deceleration times during configuration. However during e.g. flight simulation the desired acc/dec time is not constant. To assure smooth motion, longer acceleration and deceleration times are required, but for very rapid movements (e.g. turbulence or hard landing), the platform acceleration from 0 to max speed has to be as quick as possible. This is why our controllers dynamically adjust FI parameters at runtime when changes in motion stream characteristic is detected
Easy installation

In order to use our motion platforms, 5 simple steps are required: (1) install ForceSeatPM, (2) connect the motion platform to a power outlet, (3) connect the motion platform to a PC via USB or Ethernet port, (4) choose game profile and (5) start a game.

Price: 37,500.00 (37,500.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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