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MFD ProMotion

MFD ProMotion
MFD ProMotion - view 1MFD ProMotion - view 2Instructors StationMFD ProMotion - view 4MFD ProMotion - view 5MFD ProMotion - view 6MFD ProMotion - view 7

Modular Flight Deck ProMotion 2014

The new Modular Flight Deck ProMotion for 2014 is now available. We went back to the drawing board and have re-engineered with even more features including standard Dynamic Control Loading and improved ergonomics. The MFD 2014 has more new standard features including dynamic control loading, audio panel with digital altitude pre-select, panel backlighting, active circuit breaker panel, overhead panel with speakers and map lights, avionics stack with PFC 530W unit, four-way intercom and an all new center flight console giving you well more features than any other AATD on the market today.

ProMotion Cueing System

With the addition of our 3-DOF ProMotion Cueing System, your simulator can have the benefit of motion. The ProMotion Cueing system provides moderate motion to include climbs and decents, turns, turbulence, stall buffet and break, engine out (asymetrical thrust), ground handling feedback and engine vibration. The system is user installable, maintenance free and requires no bigger footprint than our static cockpit configurations. The ProMotion system is well cued to X-Plane to provide a "seat-of-the-pants" flight training experience. Instructors will find the motion comfortable even for back-to-back training sessions. Convenient software toolbox allows the instructor to adjust and save the motion parameters for any individual aircraft in the simulator.


The MFD can be fit with either single or dual-linked controls and your choice of four styles of precision cast aluminum yokes (Beech™, Mooney™, Saab™ or Boeing™) . The MFD is the solution for beginning, advanced, and crew training. MFD's are currently in use by FBO's, universities, flight schools, and airlines all over the world. The 2011 MFD defines an entirely new class of flight training system.


Our hardware sets the industry standard in original design and engineering for years to come. Durable internal aluminum castings coupled to our custom hydraulic dampers provides a realistic feel, while an ergonomic panel powered by state of the art digital electronics immerses you into the simulation. The cockpit's exterior is gel coat fiberglass with a durable vinyl-finish interior for years of maintenance free use. This system represents an imaginative blend of advanced technology and reliability combined with low acquisition, operating, and maintenance costs.


Check and see how affordable the Modular Flight Deck is. If you operate a multiple-aircraft flight department, the Modular Flight Deck is a reliable, efficient, and affordable ingredient for your company’s success. No other Advanced Aviation Training Device has ever been designed with such advanced technology, which is why no other AATD has ever performed like it.


USB (PC Only)


X-Plane 9


Reality XP Professional GNS 430W/530W XP Software
Single Engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture
Multi-Engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture
Instructor’s Operating Station (IOS) Desk
X-Plane Professional Software
PFC 530W GPS Module
ProMotion Cueing System
Dynamic Control Loading (Pitch/Roll)
Single Engine Interchangeable Start Panel
Multi-Engine Interchangeable Start Panel


PFC 1000 Retrofit Kit for MFD
Jet Add-on Kit for MFD/DCX
Turboprop Add-on Kit for MFD/DCX

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