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Jetliner Column Yoke Saab

Jetliner Column Yoke Saab

These yokes are highly machined cast aluminum with a beautiful durable powder coated finish. Each yoke is installed into a steel powder coated chassis. Heavy duty adjustable spring mechanisms provide for a smooth and realistic feel. Designed for custom fit with our Cirrus Rudder Pedals (Jet). (Manufactured in USA)

All pricing includes VAT, Customs Duty, Shipping from USA and all import charges.


Available in Pilot or Co-pilot configurations
Solid spring mechanisms
Precision ground and plated shaft material
Solid cast aluminum yoke
1- Dual Rocker Switch (Programmable)
4- Push Buttons (Programmable)
Yoke mounted pitch trim switch


X-Plane XP8, XP9, XP10 & XP11
Microsoft Flight Simulator 9, X & Lockheed Martin P3D


Hall Effect Sensors


USB (PC and Mac)

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:

Width 22" Depth 18" Height 40" Weight 43 lbs.

Price: 1,595.00 (1,595.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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