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Helimax Bell 407GX

Helimax Bell 407GX
Helimax Bell 407GX - view 1Helimax Bell 407GX - view 2Helimax Bell 407GX - view 3Helimax Bell 407GX - view 4Helimax Bell 407GX - view 5

The new HeliMax line of helicopter simulators follows a long heritage of fixed-wing simulators from Precision Flight Controls. These Advanced Aviation Training Devices are ergonomic, intuitive and provide the fidelity required for precision training outside of the aircraft. The HeliMax LongRanger simulates Bell’s popular 407GX helicopter with its suite of G1000 avionics.

All-Metal Construction
PFC G1000 Avionics
X-Plane Professional Software
Instructor’s Operating Station (IOS)
Exterior Cockpit Graphics Package
30? Widescreen LCD Display (Instructor’s Operating Station)
PanoraMax (5) 70? Vertical Visual System
Computer Rack System w/ Built-in IOS Desk
Computer System Extreme w/ Solid State Drive (Master)
Back-up System Solid State Hard Drive
(2) Computer System Max w/ Solid State Drive (Visuals)
Bell 407G Configuration
Dual-Linked Controls

Custom Cockpit Graphics
ProMotion 3-DOF Motion Cueing System
ProMotion II 3-DOF Motion Cueing System
GoPro© In-Cockpit Video System
Dual© GPS Connectivity Kit
PilotEdge© Live ATC
Wireless Tablet Instructor’s Interface
Spare Parts Kit

# System Dimensions: (Cockpit Only) 76" Width 74" Length 70" Height (Cockpit w/ Visual System) 106" Width 106" Length 70" Height

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