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HS201 2DOF Motion Platform

HS201 2DOF Motion Platform
HS201 2DOF Motion Platform - view 1HS201 2DOF Motion Platform - view 2HS201 2DOF Motion Platform - view 3HS201 2DOF Motion Platform - view 4HS201 2DOF Motion Platform - view 5HS201 2DOF Motion Platform - view 6HS201 2DOF Motion Platform - view 7

HS-201 has been engineered to be incredibly realistic and add to driver experience rather than put you off your driving. It’s compact, yet powerful. It’s smooth and not jerky, quite enough for home use, and compact enough for you not to need to dedicate a room or garage for it. It uses powerful and responsive actuators which therefore can be placed under the seat with incredible precision and with up to 10cm of vertical lift.


It delivers realistic and smooth movement
Compact design
Powerful actuators with up to 600N of thrust and push
USB plug-in, click and play software with all major racing titles on PC
Max angular displacement for Pitch & Roll : +- 10°
Max speed : 10°/s
Max acceleration : 360°/s2
Maximum vertical lift : 10cm


Power Source – 110 - 240VAC 50-60Hz
Max Power Consumption – 160W
Max User Weight – 150 kg
Ambient Temperatures - -20° to +60°C
Full Performance Temperatures - +5°C to +35°C

Price: 2,000.00 (2,000.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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