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G1000 Desktop Trainer

G1000 Desktop Trainer
G1000 Desktop Trainer - view 1G1000 Desktop Trainer - view 2G1000 Desktop Trainer - view 3G1000 Desktop Trainer - view 4

Garmin G1000 Replica Simulator to include the PFD, MFD and the Audio Panel

The FSUK G1000 hardware is closely based on the real world Garmin glass cockpit system. Software Module integrates with Microsoft FSX & Lockheed Martin P3D. An ideal training aid for any pilot looking to move up to the Glass Cockpit.

Our hardware interface completes the package.

We have taken care to design the unit as an almost 1:1 scale replica of the original. Each button has backlight text to add a very immersive experience, especially during night flying.

Every input is connected, even the map joystick. As a so called USB HID device, the connection to PC is simple and straight forward with minimum set-up and configuration.

Full G1000 Programmable Controls, Dials and Buttons
Heavy Duty Steel Case
Carry Handles for safety and security
Top Rubber Shelf for documents, checklists, Maps, and controls
Available in Black, Red & Blue

Integrates with Microsoft FSX, Lockheed Martin P3D and X-Plane

Dimensions (LWH) 670mm x 310mm x 250mm (Approx.)

Price: 5,940.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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