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Complete Helicopter Flight Control Unit

Complete Helicopter Flight Control Unit

The Complete Helicopter Flight Con­trol Unit is an industrial quality, high fidelity, ergonomically correct and HID compliant flight control system. HID compliant means that it is compliant with all flight simulating that comply with generic hardware mapping. With a single USB connection the controls come alive. .. cyclic with programmable grip switches, collective with friction adjustment and optional Jet Ranger style twist throttle, landing light switch, engine start button with throttle release switch. The anti-torque pedals are adjustable to accommodate pilot size and the seat is cushioned to provide flying comfort.

There are 3 collective options:

Standard: No twisting throttle, no buttons or switches

AS350: No twisting throttle, one button (typically used as hydraulic release)

Jet Ranger: Twisting throttle, 6 buttons/switches, idle release

The Our HFCU can also be used for LSA fixed wing flying as well by simply removing the collective lever

Compact Foorprint Dimensions:

Length 123cm
Height 84cm
Width 61cm
Weight 33 Kgs

Price: 7,800.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Standard collective
Please check you have chosen preferred collective

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