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Over 10 years of continual refinement and overwhelming acceptance have solidly established the CAT II Desktop BATD as the standard for desktop training. Its quality features and reliability are unmatched. Whether you fly single engine or multi-engine aircraft you will find your hands full of realistic components that will enable you to reach new levels of proficiency. The inclusion of the Instructor Operating Station (IOS) as a standard feature provides complete control of the simulation. The ability to log instrument experience (currency) on this system further enhances its versatility and affordability.


USB (PC Only)


X-Plane 8, 9 (FAA Approval)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Prices start at £9450 for a complete FAA Approved BATD system


Cirrus II Flight Console
Single Engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture
Multi-Engine Throttle/Prop/Mixture
Cirrus Rudder Pedals (General Aviation)
Digital Avionics Standard
Remote Instrument Console (RIC)
PFC 430W GPS Control Interface
Reality XP Professional GNS 430W/530W XP Software
X-Plane Professional Software
24" Widescreen LCD Display (Pilot's)
24" Widescreen LCD Display (Instructor's Operating Station)
Computer System Extreme w/ SATA Drive
Back-up System Hard Drive
30 Aircraft (Single and Multi-Engine) Fleet


Digital Avionics Enhanced
Instructor’s Operating Station (IOS) Desk
FlightLine Seat
FlightStation Adjustable Table
Leather Pilot’s Seat w/ Static Base
Turboprop Add-on Kit for Desktop Systems
Jet Add-on Kit for Desktop Systems

Dimensions and Weights:

Cirrus II Flight Console: Width 28" Depth 12" Height 5" Weight 35 lbs.
Digital Avionics Standard: Width 9" Depth 9" Height 21" Weight 20 lbs.
Cirrus Rudder Pedals General Aviation: Width 16" Depth 19 1/4" Height 12" Weight 18 lbs.

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Price: 10,450.00 (10,450.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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