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C-Tek Anti Torque Pedals

C-Tek Anti Torque Pedals

Our anti-torque pedals are made of all steel construction with heavy duty rod ends and sleeve bearings for long life. Friction tape included so your feet won't slip off the pedals.

Anti-Torque Pedals have hall-effect sensor input for smooth response. Adjustable pedal stop points and friction control knob.

The anti-torque pedals are located in the same position as the rudder pedals in an airplane, and serve a similar purpose, namely to control the direction in which the nose of the aircraft is pointed. Application of the pedal in a given direction changes the pitch of the tail rotor blades, increasing or reducing the thrust produced by the tail rotor and causing the nose to yaw in the direction of the applied pedal. The pedals mechanically change the pitch of the tail rotor altering the amount of thrust production.

Price: 695.00 (695.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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