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Airbus A320

Airbus A320
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A320 FTD


The Cockpitsonic Pro-Solutions A320 Trainer is a replication of the actual Airbus A320 Flightdeck. All Flightdeck controls, panels, knobs, switches and other components found in the actual aircraft Flightdeck are replicated in size, look, feel and functionality in the device. In addition to hardware, the aircraft systems and avionics are simulated in great detail to ensure the ability to train all phases of Flight under normal, abnormal, and emergency conditions.

Behind the Flightdeck is a fully enclosed instructor station with sufficient room for the instructor and an observer.

Outside and in front of the device is a massive tall curved projection screen (or Monitor-Unit) that the synthetic world is projected on by three high definition projectors that are mounted above the device.

The result is a highly accurate Flightdeck and large scale visual system that provides immersive training environment that puts pilots in an incredibly realistic simulated environment where they can learn jet flying skills they need.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certification

The Cockpitsonic Pro-Solutions Airbus Jet Trainer can be ordered and delivered for training certificable by the FAA as an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD), an Flight Training Device (FTD Level 4, 5 and 6) and as an ICAO 9625 conform Flight Training Device (FTD Level 4, 5 and 6).

Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) Certification

The Cockpitsonic Pro-Solutions Airbus Jet Trainer can be ordered and delivered certificable for training by the JAA as an Basic Instrument Training Device (BITD) and for training by JAA as an Flight Navigation Procedure Trainer Level 2 MCC Generic Type (FNPT II MCC).

List of Included Components

+ A320 Flight Deck
+ Visual System
+ Instructor Station
+ Airbus Software Infrastructure
+ Synthetic World Visual System
+ IT Hardware
+ Digital Sound and Vibration Environment
+ Intercom System

Airbus A320 Flight Deck

The Flightdeck contains the following:

Replica Airbus panels, highly accurate in size and text placement with accurate switches and knobs.
Replica Airbus interior trim pieces, highly accurate in size and shape to give the cockpit a realistic look.
Replica Airbus dual-linked self-centering rudder pedals with toe brakes, adjustable fore and aft with optional control loading (only standard for JAA FNPT II / FAA FTD L5).
Replica Airbus side sticks. Replica Airbus thrust levers with gates complete with reverse levers, trim wheels, fuel shutoff levers and TOGA switches.
Replica Airbus Flaplevers complete with gates. Replica Airbus tiller, spoiler, parking brake and alternate gear extension handle.
Replica electrical Airbus Captain and Copilot seats with movement up/down and J-Movement as per Sogerma design.

Optional intercom system for communications between pilots, observer and instructor. (only standard for JAA FNPT II / FAA FTD L5)
Optional oxygen mask with intercom (only standard for JAA FNPT II / FAA FTD L5)

Visual System

The visual system (hardware contains):

180 degree horizontal and 30 degree vertical, curved, movie-quality projector screen and frame.
Three overhead projectors to create the high definition visual environment
that simulates frontal and side window visual effects. Structure for projector

Full enclosures with collimated displays are available upon request.

Instructor Station

Instructor station enclosure with Instructor desk, two 20“ Flat panel touch monitors. Intuitive Instructor Operating Station. Software capable of:

Easily repositioning the aircraft to a variety of ground and Flight positions instantly.

Adjusting the time to include dawn, day, dusk, night.

Adjusting the weather such as: winds, cloud cover, visibility, rain and snow.

Loading saved scenarios to include: aircraft position, aircraft configuration

and weather parameters.

Simulating a variety of failures to include, but not limited to: engine failures/

fires, APU fires, cargo fires, hot/hung starts, Flap and gear malfunctions,

electrical failures as well as minor system faults.

Displaying a moving map that shows aircraft position, surrounding airports,

and navigational aids.

Airbus Software Infrastructure

The main features are:

Realistic Airbus dual Multi Function Displays with multiple display formats, capable of displaying Flight plan route, navigation aids, range to altitude and airports.

Realistic Airbus dual Primary Flight Displays with pilot controlled v- speeds, MDA/ DH, and barometric pressure.

Realistic Airbus ECAM system to include primary and status pages with appropriate information displayed to include messages, engine gauges, Flap & gear indications, engine vibration gauges, etc., as well as detailed system synoptic pages to include AC/DC electrical, environmental, hydraulic, anti-ice, doors, and ß ight controls.

Realistic Airbus Dual Radio Tuning Units capable of tuning navigation
and communication frequencies, ADF frequencies, and setting transponder codes.

Realistic Airbus FMS/MCDU with world wide database that allows pilots to:
Create Flight plans incorporating DPs, STARS, IAPs, and jet airways.
Manipulate Flight plans by creating new waypoints, deleting waypoints,
extending intercept lines from waypoints, creating place bearing distance
waypoints, creating waypoints +/- nm from existing waypoints.
Input performance data such as temperatures for normal and flex takeoffs and
input weights for cargo, fuel, and passengers.

Tune navigation, communication, ADF frequencies, and set transponder codes. ConÞ gure MFD display data.

Realistic Airbus Auto Flight Control System with lateral modes to track headings or navigation signals and vertical modes to track GS signals, climb/descend in IAS or VS modes to capture preselected altitudes incorporating a Flight director for both pilot and copilot. Realistic Airbus Systems program to allow pilots to control APU and engine starts/shutdowns and control electrical, hydraulic, environmental, anti-
ice and fuel systems with proper response to pilot inputs and tests.

Realistic Airbus Audio Integration System with warning and caution chimes, aural warnings, Fire bells, over-speed cues, and tests.

Synthetic World Visual System

Cockpitsonic Pro-Solutions uses Lockheed Martins Prepare3D or Xplane 10 simulation/visual engine.

This features:

Detailed and accurate representations of a global database including detailed runways, taxiways, terminal buildings, gates, and ground equipment. Dynamic 3-D Immersion realism that includes buildings, landmarks, navigational aids, and accurate geographical landscapes.
AutoGen technology that provides geotypical object and texture coverage over the whole surface of the Earth.

Landscapes with moving vehicles, birds and animals.

Dynamic weather with complete control over winds, barometric pressure, cloud layers, precipitation from light rain or snow to heavy rain or snow and thunderstorms.

IT Hardware

Industrial server computer cabinet, locking rear door, and metal sides. One Image Generator Computer with:

Intel Core I7 Quad processor or higher

16 GB memory

2to 3 GB graphics processors

SSD Hard drive

Four Systems Computers installed in second rack with:

Intel processor

2 GB memory

SSD Hard drive

Digital Sound and Vibration Environment

Vibration transducers installed in Captain and Copilot seats

AmpliÞ cation control unit

(included in FNPT II / FTD L5)

Intercom system

Four place intercom system with volume and squelch control Line in capability

Line out capability (included in FNPT II / FTD L5)

Mission Capability

Cockpitsonic Pro-Solutions Airbus Jet Trainer is a dual seat, autopilot and FMS equipped Flight Simulation Training Device fully mission capable. The type specific nature, combined with the accuracy of the hardware and software, allows for specific jet aircraft training to be conducted in the device using in most cases the factory Flight Crew Operating Manual for flight and ground training as well in most cases the actual Airbus checklists and Quick Reference Handbooks (QRH).

The instructor station is ergonomically laid out to ensure accessibility to the cockpit components and unobstructed observation of flight deck activity. The instructor station software allows for an intuitive manipulation of aircraft systems and failures with customizable event triggers. The instructor can trigger an event immediately, after a predetermined interval of time, airspeed, altitude, or combination of the three.

Ground operations training can be executed in great detail as a result of highly accurate airport modeling. The airport
scenery depicted very closely matches the actual airport being replicated, so close in fact, that actual airport diagrams can
easily be used in training. Pilots will find runways, taxiways, buildings, jet ways, de-ice pads, hangers, etc. correctly placed.
Runway and taxiway signs as well as airport markings are also detailed and accurate. With accurate airport modeling,
dynamic jet ways, fuel trucks, support vehicles, pushback capability, aircraft traffic, and accurate airport signage and
markings, rehearsal and familiarization training of a specific airport is possible, greatly increasing the transfer of learning to
the real world.

Flight operations training can also be executed in great detail. With systems simulation and integration, all phases of ground and flight operations, including all normal, abnormal, and emergency scenarios can be trained in detail. (Abnormal and Emergency situations included in FNPT II and FTD L5 as required by certification).

A highly detailed and accurate global database greatly enhances the mission capability of the device. The database includes a highly detailed scenery and terrain database that reflects the actual landscape, structures, and hazards of the real world. These features are ideal for familiarization with new airports and flight plans; departure, arrival, and approach procedures; and seasonal characteristics common to their operational settings.

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