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Welcome to Flight Simulators

Flight Simulators Limited has been around for many years, offering a very comprehensive range of simulation equipment to Flight Training Organisations, Universities, Colleges and Schools worldwide. Offering the widest range of devices with the highest quality in mind to professional, educational and the serious enthusiast.

A new addition to our range of flight simulators include Replica Garrmin GNS430W, GNS530W, G500/G600 , GTN 650 Ttouch and GTN 750 Touch. Our devices are regularly updated to integrate the latest in technology and advancements.

We also provide a range of devices using the Standard Garmin G1000 and G1000 NXi, Avidyne Entegra, Aspen EFD1000 with Synthetic Vision Technology

Specialising in the education and flight training markets, we are able to meet the demands of Universities, Colleges and Schools involved in Aerospace Engineering, Flight Modelling and Aircraft Design.

Finance is now available for flight simulator systems..... please contact us for more details.

This store is changing frequently. Please come back and revisit us again.

FSTD1 Training Device

FSTD1 Training Device
FSTD1 Training Device - view 1FSTD1 Training Device - view 2FSTD1 Training Device - view 3FSTD1 Training Device - view 4FSTD1 Training Device - view 5Pilot Deck & Seat UnitFSTD1 Training Device - view 7
New for 2019

Flight Simulators Ltd is pleased to announce the development of an innovative, new Flight Training Device - the FSTD1. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the FSTD1 is affordable, portable, robust and versatile. Suitable for Pilot Training and University/College use.

Available with several radio options including Garmin GNS430/530, G1000, GTN650/750. The FSTD1 is easily transportable (for example in the back of a hatchback) to shows, exhibitions and promotional events.

Adaptations available for Cirrus (sidestick), Diamond (entre stick), Standard Yoke, Control Loading Controls, Helicopters (Cyclic & Collective)

These devices can be used for:

Pilot Studies - Fixed Wing and Rotary
Basic Flight Training
Instrument Training
Aviation Studies
Pilot Experience
Virtual Reality
Aerospace Engineering (with plugin)
Research & Aircraft Design (with plugin)

Multiple Aircraft Configurations are available including the following aircraft:

Single engine Aircraft
Aquila, Cessna 152, Cessna 172P, Cessna 172R, Cessna 172S, Cessna 182, Cessna 182RG, Cessna 182T, Cessna T182T, Cessna 206H, Cessna T206H, Cessna 414A, Cessna 421C, Beechcraft Bonanza, Beechcraft Bonanza TC, Beechcraft Baron, Beechcraft Baron TC, Beechcraft Duchess, Beechcraft Travel Air,Piper Warrior II, Piper Archer III, Piper Arrow III, Piper Arrow III TC, Piper Arrow IV, Piper Arrow IV TC, Piper Malibu Mirage, Piper Seminole, Piper Seminole TC, Piper Seneca V, Mooney 201, Mooney 231, Mooney 252, Diamond DA20, Diamond DA40, Diamond DA42, Grob Tutor

Turboprop Aircraft
King Air C90, King Air A100, King Air 350, Super King Air B200, Beechliner 1900D, Piper Cheyenne, Cessna Caravan, Pilatus PC12, TBM950

Jet Aircraft
Cessna Citation 501, Cessna Citation 550, Citation Mustang, Phenom 100/300, Boeing B737

Starting from £12,000 plus VAT


FSTD2 Engineering Simulator

FSTD2 Engineering Simulator
FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 1FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 2FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 3FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 4FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 5FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 6FSTD2 Engineering Simulator - view 7
New for 2019 - The FSTD2 Cockpit Simulator now with Finance Available

Our new FSTD2 Engineering Simulator has been designed from the base up to offer Universities, Colleges and Schools an affordable device which will integrate with the "off the shelf" Engineering Software - MatLab, Simulink and FlightGear.

Simplicity to allow unsupervised access of students freedom to try out their new designs and concepts in a simulator which will show all the data required for analysis. Versatile to meet most of the demands in education.

There is no limit to the options available and types of aircraft available.

Fibreglass Cockpit, Control Loading Yoke & Pedals, Leather Seat, Digital Avionics, Optional Aircraft Type Instrument Masks.

Drones, Single Engine Oiston Engine Fixed Wing, Mult Engine, Turbo Prop, Jet Engine, Turbofan, Tilt Rotor and Electrically Powered aircraft.

The simulator can be configured with interchangeable throttles, varying Avionics options.

The FSTD2 can be used to provide Pilot Studies, Flight & Navigational Training and Engineering Testing and Analysis of Systems, Flight Dynamics and Power and Performance.

Contact us now to see how we can support your Aerospace & Engineering Degree Programs.

Universities & Colleges

Universities & Colleges
Universities & Colleges - view 1Universities & Colleges - view 2Universities & Colleges - view 3Universities & Colleges - view 4Universities & Colleges - view 5Universities & Colleges - view 6
Our clients include the following Universities & Colleges to which we have supplied Simulators.

These are used within their Degree courses for:
Pilot Studies - Fixed Wing and Rotary
Aviation Studies
Pilot Experience
Aerospace Engineering
Virtual Reality
Aerospace Engineering
Aircraft Design

Universities, Colleges, Schools & Educational Establishments

Universities, Colleges, Schools & Educational Establishments
Universities, Colleges, Schools & Educational Establishments - view 1Universities, Colleges, Schools & Educational Establishments - view 2Universities, Colleges, Schools & Educational Establishments - view 3Universities, Colleges, Schools & Educational Establishments - view 4Universities, Colleges, Schools & Educational Establishments - view 5Universities, Colleges, Schools & Educational Establishments - view 6Universities, Colleges, Schools & Educational Establishments - view 7
Flight Simulators UK can design and build a flight simulator allowing single pilot, dual pilot cockpit configurations using a modular systems architecture. Used within Aerospace Engineering departments for research, testing and devlopment of varying systems. Our knowledge spans many decades to ensure the most suitable device for your organisation. Click this link for more information

Helicopter Simulators

Helicopter Simulators
Helicopter Simulators - view 1AW139 Helicopter SimulatorAS350 Open Cockpit Single Pilot SimulatorAS350 Helicopter SimulatorAW139 Helicopter SimulatorBell 206 SimulatorBell 206 Simulator
We are able to supply a wide range of helicopter simulators including AW139, Bell 206, Bell 412 EPi, Bell 412 Basix and the MD500. We can provide full motion devices with 3DOF and 6DOF Motion Systems.

Single Pilot Systems
Dual Pilot Systems
Full Cockpit Simulators

Our work has been very well received by flight training organisations, large corporate clients, colleges and Universities. Our simulators are used extensively within Oil Platform Industry, Police and Medical Training

For further details, please get in touch. Email to: sales@flight-simulators.co.uk

Please click here to view our latest Helicopter Simulator Newsletter.

Finance Available

Finance Available
We are very pleased to announce that we can offer finance for flight simulator equipment.

Here at Flight Simulators - UK we now offer competitive finance options to Flight Schools, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Companies and individuals. We offer our customers simple, flexible finance options to include H.P, Leasing and Conditional Sale Schemes. These options are available for New Flight Simulators and Pre-Owned Flight Simulators. EASA Approved devices are curently available from stock.

If you've been looking for a new flight simulator for your organisation, then why wait to upgrade? Finance is the perfect payment option that can help you get the equipment you've been saving for ...... Right Now. Rather than paying for your order in one lump sum, you can now spread the cost over 1-5 year terms so you only pay what suits your budget over your chosen repayment period. Flexible terms to suit your business.

We can also help towards the obtaining a Local Enterprise Grants to help expand your business. Contact us for more details. sales@flight-simulators.co.uk

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Terms & Conditions Apply, Any Finance Offer is subject to credit status.

Military Fighter Simulators

Military Fighter Simulators
Military Fighter Simulators - view 1Military Fighter Simulators - view 2Military Fighter Simulators - view 3Military Fighter Simulators - view 4Military Fighter Simulators - view 5Military Fighter Simulators - view 6Military Fighter Simulators - view 7
RAF Centenary Celebrations - Congratulations to our Royal Airforce, 100 years old.

We offer a very wide range of Military Flight Simulators, highlighting the newest RAF Aircraft

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning
General Dynamics F-16 Falcon
McDonnell Douglas F-18 Hornet

These devices offer levels of training to meet most needs. Part Task Trainer, Procedural Training, Fighter Pilot Training, Weapons Training all of which will benefit our future aviators.

They are also useful to Universities & Colleges who may be involved in research work with a military bias. Please contact us for more details.

We also provide an equivalent entertainment device for serious home user enthusiasts.

Realistic, Affordable and Versatile.

Contact us for more details email: sales@flight-simulators.co.uk

To view the fighter simulator section in more detail, click here.

Motion Platforms and devices

Motion Platforms and devices
Motion Platforms and devices - view 1Motion Platforms and devices - view 2Motion Platforms and devices - view 3Motion Platforms and devices - view 4Motion Platforms and devices - view 5Motion Platforms and devices - view 6Motion Platforms and devices - view 7
Flight Simulators UK are very pleased to offer some of the very latest in technology in motion platforms. Ranging from small units capable of carrying a single seat simulator device right up to the full motion 6 Degrees of Freedom units to carry a fully enclosed Airline Cockpit Simulator.

These platforms are used for flight simulation, motor racing, truck driver training and many other related uses.

Right now, you can affordably turn your hobby into a real feel motion turning simulator. Total realism in all directions.

Single Seat Multi Configurable Simulator

Single Seat Multi Configurable Simulator
Single Seat Multi Configurable Simulator - view 1Single Seat Multi Configurable Simulator - view 2Single Seat Multi Configurable Simulator - view 3Single Seat Multi Configurable Simulator - view 4Single Seat Multi Configurable Simulator - view 5
Our very latest product to join our successful range of simulators for Universities, Colleges and Schools. It is so versatile that it can be used for Flight Training or Driver Training too.

As an Engineering Simulator, our Professional Software integrates very easily with Matlab®, one of the most popular design software used extensively in Universities, to send realtime data from the simulator. Millions of Engineers and Scientists Trust MATLAB. MATLAB combines a desktop environment tuned for interative analysis and design processes with a programming language that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly.

Integrate with Model-Based Design. MATLAB works with Simulink to support Model-Based Design, which is used for multidomain simulation, automatic code generation, and test and verification of embedded systems.

This device can be used in both Engineering Design, Flight Training, Driver Training and more recently Virtual Realisty scenarios. We are currently working on militaryu adaptations for this device to simulate fighter aircraft including F16, F18, BAE Hawk, AV8B Harrier and other types of aircarft. Also, we are currently developing a Helicopter version. Please contact us for further details.

Offering a wide choice of Visual Scenery screen options to include Single LED Monitor, Triple Monitor, Small Cylindrical Projection Screen and large Dome Projection Screen.

Starting from £25000 plus VAT
Delivery times .... 4 weeks

A very affordable option helping to spread restricted budgets stretch giving full value for money. To enquire about this product, please get in touch.

Online Store

Online Store
You will find the widest range of Flight Simulation hardware, software, books, DVD's and equipment for the Professional Flight Simulator Userr - Schools, Colleges & Other Training Establishments as well as the widest range for the Home User to cover for all budgets.

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